Who We Are.

We are convinced that data generated by medical wearables holds huge potential to improve healthcare and clinical research. This is why our mission is to provide market leading firmware for wearable devices, enable device manufacturers to efficiently manage their device fleet and to integrate wearables in clinical processes and Digital Health solutions.

The Team.

Miro Käch


MSc Mechanical Eng. (ETH)
Strategy, Business Development, Sensors and Micro Systems

Lukas Gasser


MSc Electrical Eng. & IT (ETH)
Finance, HR, Sales, Hardware Design

Simon Laube


MSc Electrical Eng. & IT (ETH)
Embedded Systems, Data Analytics, Machine Learning

Lukas Geissmann


MSc Mechanical Eng. (ETH)
Product Management, Sales Engineering, Business Innovation

Nadine Sauter


Certified HR Assistant
Controlling, HR, Office Management

Jan Okle

Software Engineer

MSc Mechanical Eng. (ETH)
Embedded Systems, Robotics, Control Engineering

Ingo Jenni

Software Engineer

MSc Electrical Eng. & IT (ETH)
Software Development, Embedded Systems

Dr. Patrick Wespi

Software Engineer

PhD Biomedical Eng. (ETH)
Software Development, Mobile and Web Applications

Michael Schmon

Software Engineer

BSc Computer Science (U.Ulm)
BSc Molecular Medicine (U.Ulm)
Software Development, Web Applications

Matthias Krebs

Software Engineer

MSc Mechanical Eng. (ETH)
Robotics, Control Engineering, Drones, Computer Vision


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Prof. Dr. Jens Eckstein

Medical Advisor

CMIO, Processes and Clinical IT at University Hospital Basel

Partners and Supporters.

Our Story.

Leitwert is an independent Zurich-based start-up founded in 2014 by Miro, Lukas and Simon. At the time, they were working together on a robotics project at ETH Zurich’s Autonomous Systems Lab. The founders were approached with a commercial request for a development project and have been able to sustainably grow the company ever since based on the value they create for their clients.

Today, Leitwert is still driven by our client’s needs. Beyond that, we invest our know-how into modular and scalable technology platforms to improve healthcare with wearables and the data they generate.

Our Values.

Our values guide our priorities, work approach and company culture. We really enjoy collaborating on difficult problems to solve the challenges of our clients and to improve our own capabilities.

Sounds like you? Then you will most likely have a blast working with us. Get in touch!

robot mascot cheering on the Leitwert team

We are driven by the desire to realize technically sophisticated solutions that solve the challenges of our clients.

To find the best possible solution, we need to clearly define the target but also stay curious and incorporate new findings as we progress.

Every member of the team acts proactively, informed and solution oriented. We don’t leave issues to be solved by others and can rely on colleagues to have our back.

Communication is not easy – especially when problems are tough and can be approached in uncountable ways. To make sure that our meetings are inspiring instead of confusing, we always meet prepared, make informed decisions and implement them consistently.

We are keeping pace with rapidly changing technology in that every member of the team never stops learning and makes sure that the whole team profits from new insights.

None of us can – or wants to – do this alone.

Talking around unpleasant topics won’t get us anywhere. We trust in the goodwill of our colleagues and feel comfortable sharing our problems and thoughts.

We put in hard work and dedication and know the worth of our creations, know-how and company culture.

We believe in pushing our limits – but overstepping them won’t help anyone.

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