Leitwert Speaks at the Annual Swiss Symposium in Pharmaceutical Medicine

The Swiss Associations of Pharmaceutical Medicine and Pharmaceutical Professionals invited Leitwert to Speak at their 2020 annual meeting themed "How does personalized medicine impact healthcare?".

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Spreading our Vision

The Swiss Symposium in Pharmaceutical Medicine is an annual event jointly organized by the Swiss Association of Pharmaceutical Professionals and the Swiss Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine.

This year’s topic was “How does personalized medicine impact healthcare?”. Ten speakers representing patients, academic research, healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry shared their insights on where personalized medicine is going and how it will impact the life of patients and the work of healthcare professionals.

Leitwert was honored to be invited to share our vision about how wearables will transform research and healthcare with more than one hundred accomplished pharmaceutical professionals and students.

Based on our work with device manufacturers, researchers and healthcare professionals, we shared insights on the benefits and challenges of using wearable devices to gather objective and continuous health data from patients. High quality health data is a basic requirement to make personalized health a reality and stakeholders need to collaborate closely to create a fair, transparent and open data ecosystem as foundation for data driven healthcare and clinical research solutions.

Are You Ready for Digital Health?

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