Pick by vision with Augmented Reality - Microsoft HoloLens

PickAR is a pick by vision demo application (in form of a game) showcasing how picking items in warehouses can be improved by using augmented reality / mixed reality with Microsoft HoloLens.

Together with ICS Identcode Systeme AG we have developed a Pick-By-Vision demo for the Microsoft HoloLens. The demo shows how employees can improve the picking process in a warehouse using augmented reality.

An indoor navigation system shows the employee exactly where the next item is and guides the user with an interactive arrow embedded in the real world to the right location. The employee can then scan the item using a barcode scanner and through a Bluetooth connection to the HoloLens the system automatically knows what item the user picked and can give feedback in case of a mistake. This way, employees can work efficiently even without knowing the layout of the warehouse and the number of mistakes can be reduced.

Check out the demo on Youtube

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