ETH Digital Health Event 2018

Live Demo at ETH Digital Health Event 2018

At the ETH Digital Health Event, opinion leaders from politics, society, business and research experienced how the technologies developed by ETH Zurich are shaping the medicine of the future. Debates on health topics provided an opportunity for in-depth discussion.

How Data from medical wearables and mobile biosensors can be seamlessly integrated into IT infrastructures of closed medical environments using the Leitwert DMS enablement platform was demonstrated with a live stream of ECG data into the DMS clinic app.

The data was captured with electrodes from ETH Spinoff IDUN Technologies and a commercially available 3rd party wearable ECG device (Class IIa medical device). Using Leitwert’s mobile gateways the data was collected wirelessly from the device and streamed live to a screen while the data was also stored on a database where it is associated with the patient wearing the device.

The DMS clinic app is a solution for connected health which is being developed with clinical and research partners from the University Hospital Basel, ETH Zürich and others. The flexible data collection infrastructure is used to integrate wearable biomedical sensors into clinics for patient monitoring, to efficiently execute digital clinical trials and to expand the business model of health centers into remote monitoring and remote care. Together we are driving digital transformation in healthcare.

In the picture: ETH President Prof. Dr. Lino Guzella and Prof. Dr. Lothar Thiele during the inagural address in front of the live ECG stream delivered by the Leitwert connectivity solution.

More information on the event can be found in the official announcement.

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