Continuous Patient Monitoring With Connected Biosensors

doctor having more time for happy patients thanks to automated continuous patient monitoring
The Device Hub is enabling the University Hospital Basel to conduct clinical trials and develop healthcare applications based on connected biosensors. The collaboration was published in the Journal of Digital Biomarkers, describing how our technologies contribute to patient centric, holistic and flexible digital health solutions.

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Digital Health - Putting Theory to Practice

The University Hospital Basel is collaborating with Leitwert since 2018 to translate technologies and concepts for digital health into practice.

More and more certified biosensors and analytics become available. It’s high time to bring the components of the Internet of Medical Things together by establishing required IT infrastructure, conduct studies to identify use cases, optimize related operational processes and validate outcomes.

The resulting setup is based on Leitwert’s Device Hub and provides open interfaces to efficiently integrate any biosensor and analytics tool with an available API.

Our achievements were now published in the Journal of Digital Biomarkers! Check our the full publication below.

Read the full publication here!

Are You Ready for Digital Health?

Over the years, Leitwert built up the expertise and solutions to support your digital health project:

  • Licensable firmware libraries for biosensors focused on data processing and end-to-end encrypted communication over BLE and LTE
  • Gateway software libraries for Linux, Android and iOS to connect biosensors via BLE
  • Device Hub server application (SaaS or on-premise) to manage device fleets and integrate data streams with analytics and PDMS systems.
  • User applications for clinical trials and patient monitoring

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