Visualize your data and automate analytics with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms.

How can machine learning algorithms help you to augment and automate your data analytics?

Humans and computers both have their unique strengths where they outperform the other in orders of magnitudes. So how can we combine them to leverage data analytics?
Humans are visual beings, and the eye is one of their most powerful tool to process and interpret data. This is why visualisation and visual inspection is extremely effective. Computers on the other hand can handle vast amounts of data and process them in manifold ways.

Our framework is a powerful tool for data scientists to visualize and classify huge amounts of data. Supporting the user in the development and iterative improvement of machine learning algorithms. The framework can also be used for data integrity and quality checks. For maximum performance and responsivity interim results are stored and only recalculated, when necessary. This can significantly reduce computation times and allows the data scientist to continuously improve the algorithms and effectively tune parameters.

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