Reliable and secure firmware tailored to your hardware.

Any electronic device requires reliable and secure firmware to make a great product. This is the reason for existence of Leitwert’s modular Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) ConceRTOS.

Built on the “principle of modular abstraction” (dependency inversion principle and dependency injection) the framework compiles into tailored firmware with minimal effort.

Be it functional or nonfunctional requirements (like energy consumption): ConceRTOS offers maximum flexibility, maintainability and fast time-to-market without compromises. This is possible due to its unique architecture and its systematically tested and proven components. Leitwert’s RTOS is currently running on various devices: from productive industrial environments to wearable devices in the clinical field.

ConceRTOS supports several microchip-architectures and comes with a steady growing library of supported ICs and Sensors. Special needs? New components are integrated easily with a lean driver, plug and play, there you go. The RESTful API allows the devices to integrate seamlessly in existing systems. Whether connecting to mobile devices (Android or iOS) or directly to the cloud, ConceRTOS supports the necessary protocols.

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