Device Hub Minor Release 3.4.0

screenshot of health data visualization on the Device Hub
With release 3.4.0, the Data App becomes available to all Device Hub SaaS accounts and on premise installations. You can now direct data streams, monitor your fleet, manage gateways and conduct validation studies - all in one place!

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What's New?

The public release of the Data App is an important step towards our Device Hub vision – a complete device and data management platform to remotely manage connected medical devices, integrate them in clinical processes and process the data they generate.

Up to now, this feature has only been available for our development partners. It contains the basic functionalities required for devices to reliably and safely send data to REST or MQTT endpoints of the Device Hub either directly or via gateways.

This enables you to conduct validation studies with your devices, to monitor important metrics of your device fleet or to develop new clinical use cases.

screenshot of health data visualization on the Device Hub
Data Explorer included in the Data App for quick plausibility checks.

How It Works

1. Add Source Devices

You can add any of your registered digital twins to the Data App to set up the corresponding device as a data source. The Device Hub will start accepting data sent by this device to the REST endpoints and logging all data events in the event log of its digital twin.

2. Manage Gateways

Our Gateway software seamlessly integrates with the Device Hub to capture data from Bluetooth devices. The Device Hub coordinates the roaming of Bluetooth connections while a device is travelling through a network of multiple gateways, while a log with all gateway-device interactions is kept for each gateway.

You can monitor the online status of your gateway network to make sure that no data is lost due to gateway down time.

For those devices, which are not able to roam between gateways, you can remotely assign any gateway of your network to establish a connection. Your device will sync data automatically, whenever it comes in reach of that specific gateway.

For more information about device roaming, please refer to the section “How it Works” on the Gateway page.

screenshot of the digital twins of Leitwert gateways on the Device Hub
Health status of registered gateways.

3. Configure Data Streams

For each device type, you can configure the target log, where data events should be saved. This can for example be the device log itself or a patient specific log.

If you want to store the data in your own database, we can configure automated data forwarding.

4. Transform Data

To export or display the gathered data events, you can specify transformation templates. These are applied to export data as CSV file or to display data samples in the data explorer.

5. Explore Data

When connecting a new device or assigning a device to a patient, you can use the in-built data explorer to visually check the plausibility of incoming data and validate the setup.

For analysis, we recommend using IPython to interact with the data via API.

What's Next?

The further development of the data management capabilities of the Device Hub is a top priority at Leitwert. The focus is on moving from batch to stream processing with Kafka or Pulsar. You can look forward to:

  • Live data analysis and transformation
  • Integration with open source dashboard software from Grafana or Kibana
  • Deployment of your own algorithms
  • Flexible direction of data streams to external databases
  • Configurable alerts and notifications

We will keep you posted!

Leitwert Device Hub for data management allows you to direct data streams from your device fleet to any database and deploy custom algorithms for live analytics
Coming soon: Store data in any database and deploy custom analytics algorithms.

Get in Touch!

Do you have any questions about this release or future developments? Please get in touch using our contact form. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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