Device Hub Patches 3.4.1 & 3.4.2

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Thank you for all your feedback and for helping us to continuously improve the Device Hub! We implemented requests across all Apps to improve their usability.

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What's New?

1. Administration App

Increase efficiency for administrators to handle user groups and permissions:

  • Object authorizations can now be filtered by user group
  • All groups of a user are displayed in the user detail view
  • A role can be imported and exported as JSON file
  • Profile list shows, if a user used up pin trials and needs to be unblocked by an admin
  • Separate permission to list devices for specific model (instead of using general device view permission)

2. Device App

  • Configurable device detail view
  • Device detail view can now be structured into multiple tabs
  • Include links in device detail view e.g. to go directly to data explorer view of a specific device

2. Firmware App

  • You can now define firmware version numbers using up to 64 bit instead of 16 bit previously. This gives you more flexibility, e.g. to use the full date in a version number.
  • When a firmware update in the created state is not confirmed, it will create a firmware update event once it expires
  • Improve UX of list filters and firmware upload console
  • Indication, if a firmware image has already been uploaded during draft state

3. Data App

  • New device session “keep alive” endpoint (/api/v1/data/device-session/:id/keep-alive) which can be used to keep the device session open without mutating the device state or pushing data.
  • Gateway software log and update request list are now available components in the Data App

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