Device Hub Patch 3.3.4

fotograph of the Leitwert web team at the Leitwert office in Zurich Switzerland
The patch 3.3.4 contains UX improvements focusing on firmware updates. Please find a summary of all the changes below.

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What's New?

1. Device List

We overhauled the device list with the aim to give you a better overview and more insights about the status of your devices:

  1. The unconfirmed firmware version is now shown next to the confirmed version.
  2. By hovering over the firmware version you get additional information about the update channel, date and time.
  3. The list shows the time stamp by when the device sent the last event to the server.
  4. The list can now be searched by device name and device ID.
screenshot of Device Hub application monitoring the firmware status of medical devices
New features of the device list numbered 1-5.

2. Device Log

If you want to dig down into the event history of a device, you can profit from the enhanced device log:

  • The device history can now be filtered by event type, identity and event date.
  • The event data can be added to the clipboard with a single click.
  • In addition to the device history log, there are now separate logs for the gateways and update requests.

The update request log groups all the steps of a firmware update in chronological sequence:

  1.  Current channel and firmware version before the update.
  2. Status of event trigger “request” including date and time.
  3. Status of event trigger “start” including data and time.
  4. Status of event trigger “created” including date and time.
  5.  Target channel and firmware version with the applied delivery procedure.
If the confirmation step is activated, the status of that step is displayed in the sequences as well.
screenshot of the Device Hub monitoring the progress of firmware distribution to a connected medical device
New structure of the update request log showing the separate process steps.

3. General Usability Improvements

  • In the list of the firmware channels a link is available for each channel to jump to the corresponding firmware.
  • When creating a new firmware version you get a warning message, if the firmware image has not yet been uploaded.
  • When creating a new user group, the group detail page is opened automatically, so that you can add users more conveniently.

Get in Touch!

Do you have suggestions for improvements or feedback regarding this release – or anything else you want to let us know about? Please get in touch using our contact form. We’re always happy to hear from you!

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