Leitwert is part of Prestigious Innosuisse Flagship Project for the Digital Transformation of Healthcare

In the ambitious project "SHIFT" with a total volume of 5.7 Mio CHF, an industry and research consortium aims to develop market ready solutions for the digital transformation of hospitals. The project will last until 2025. Leitwert's IoT infrastructure is part of the technological foundation of the overall project. Moreover, we are implementation partner for the subproject "Seamless Patient Path".

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The Swiss Innovation Agency “Innosuisse” funds projects with a systemic and transdisciplinary approach, which contribute to areas that are of great importance to the Swiss society and economy (see Innosuisse webpage). Out of 105 applications, 15 projects were selected, thereof 4 in the area of healthcare and medical technology.

The project “SHIFT” (Smart Hospital – Integrated Framework, Tools & Solutions) aims to provide a blueprint for the digital transformation of healthcare. The consortium of industry and research organizations will work on the development of market-ready solutions in three focus areas – Seamless Patient Path, Patient & Staff Empowerment, Management of Hospital Systems (see graphic 1 below).

Graphic 1: SHIFT project organization

Leitwert will contribute our IoT infrastructure and integration of medical wearable sensors for seamless Patient Monitoring to the technological foundation of the overall project (see A.1 in graphic 1).

On top of that, we are implementation partner for the subproject “Seamless Patient Path”. Together with the ZHAW, the University Hospital Basel, the FHNW, the i-engineers AG, the Atos Schweiz AG and the Medgate AG, we will implement solutions for continuous Early Warning Scores, systematic mobilization of patients during their stay at the hospital, and remote care after patients return home.

Leitwert is very excited to be part of this journey to positively impact the life of patients and health workers, and we are honored that our work is recognized for its relevance to our society!

For more information, contact us below and consult the press releases of Innosuisse and ZHAW.

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