What is your SoC of choice for wearable devices?

You are in the process of designing a new wearable. What company comes to your mind first when selecting a System on Chip (SoC)?

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In our experience, Nordic Semiconductor always pops up first when looking for a SoC for a wearable. And for a good reason: Nordic Semiconductor’s emphasis on connectivity and low power. These are some of the most important features for wearables. As a specialised provider of software services for wearables, Leitwert accordingly has a lot of hands on experience with their SoC family.

Bluetooth or LTE Connectivity

Nordic Semiconductor has become the leading semiconductor company for the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) market with their nRF5x SoC family. The nRF52840 SoC is the most prominent member, allowing for sophisticated applications alongside wireless connectivity.

If you prefer the nomad, always-connected approach provided by Long Term Evolution (LTE) for your wearable, Nordic Semiconductor also has you covered with the nRF9160 System-in-Package (SiP). Integrating a dual-core design with dedicated Arm Cortex-M33 for the application, it provides advanced low-power features and enhances security with Arm TrustZone and CryptoCell technologies.

More recently, Nordic Semiconductor has released its new flagship, the nRF5340 SoC. It incorporates a similar dual-core design (with the low-power and security features), but with BLE connectivity instead of LTE.

Our Experience

In the past, Leitwert has contributed to the development of wearables using various SoCs from Nordic Semiconductor. Particularly, the nRF52840 SoC has proven to be a viable candidate for wearables.

To better address the particular needs of wearables, we have developed the ConceRTOS framework around the nRF52 chip family. It provides Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA) with Bootloader, a REST communication stack providing a RESTful API, and other libraries.

Apart from the nRF52 chip family, we also had the chance to get experience with the nRF9160 chip and thus, expanding into the LTE connectivity.

With the extensive experience in the Nordic Semiconductor space and the know-how from developing the ConceRTOS framework, we are looking forward to developing the next generation wearables working with the new nRF53 family.

What SoC do you use in your wearable devices and why?

Are you already developing or planning to develop devices where Nordic Semiconductor products are suitable?


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