Partnership with the ETH Zurich Competence Center for Rehabilitation Engineering and Science

Leitwert partners with the ETH Competence Center for Rehabilitation Engineering and Science (RESC) to join forces in developing a holistic approach towards the comprehensive management of movement impairments.

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The ETH Competence Centre RESC is a nexus of expertise from academia, hospitals, industry, government, healthcare, disability organisations, and other NPOs. Its mission is to improve the quality of life and participation of people with physical disabilities; thus contributing towards a more inclusive society. RESC promotes exchange, interdisciplinary research projects, innovative education programmes, and knowledge transfer.

Leitwert will contribute our know-how and IT backbone for the integration and interoperability of wearable sensors and digital health applications to the RESC ecosystem. The continuous availability of health data is an important building stone to create a continuum-of-care from prevention over therapy to inclusion.

Leitwert closes an essential gap for future healthcare systems. Its solutions will enable remote monitoring options and data management to further establish the continuum-of-care and large clinical trials. RESC sees high potential in the company and is looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

Oliver Stoller, Executive Manager RESC

By bringing together actors across domains from healthcare providers, clinical research, and technology, RESC catalyses the translation from bench to bedside and with this the genesis of revolutionary rehabilitation approaches. To accelerate this process, Leitwert is honoured to contribute its IT backbone to the digital health ecosystem in the rehabilitation engineering space.

Miro Käch, CEO Leitwert

We are excited about this collaboration and are looking forward to impactful and innovative projects!

Please find here the official communication by RESC.

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