Apply Connected Devices in Your Business.

Based on our work with device manufacturers we know exactly what it takes to integrate these devices into your business workflows. You know your business needs – and we know suitable devices and how to make them work for you. We can integrate devices from any manufacturer with our Device Hub, giving you a single interface to manage your complete fleet and the data it gathers. The server can be located on premise or in the cloud and all functions can be accessed via the open REST API.
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The Device Hub is available as SaaS solution to get started quickly and scale with your growing business. Validate your use case without the need to invest into a major IT project.

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Vertical Solutions

We ensure you get a seamless experience based on our understanding of every level of the IoT technology stack. From device firmware over gateways to web-applications and IT system integration.

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With Leitwert you get a team of highly educated IT, electronics and robotics specialists with a proven track record in innovation, research and digital transformation projects.

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Our main focus are medical wearable devices and their application for clinical research and health care. The Device Hub is GCP compliant and in use for device and treatment validations.

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Open API

We are integrators. Knowing the challenges of getting different systems to work with each other first hand, we make sure that our solutions provide open and robust interfaces.

Your business will profit from our seamless and open technology stack.

Implementation Process.

  •  Consulting

    • Digital transformation
    • Device selection
    • System design and specification

  •  Development


    • Gateway infrastructure
    • Server and database
    • Web-applications and custom user interfaces
    • Custom workflows and analytics

  •  Integration


    • Device integrations
    • Device Hub integration with IT-Systems
    • Data transformations
    • Validation studies

  •  Operation

    • Fleet management
    • Firmware-over-the-air updates
    • Remote device configuration
    • Data management
    • Technical support

Added Value to Your Business.

Explore how we enable our clients to transform workflows and manage device fleets.

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