Continuous Patient Monitoring*

The Device Hub is your single interface to integrate any medical wearable into your clinical workflows and continuously monitor patient’s vital signs wherever they are located. The gathered data will allow you to gain deeper insight into your patient’s health status in real time before, during and after treatment  – increasing quality, efficiency and patient safety all at the same time.

* This product is not yet released for medical use. Contact us for more information and availability for pilot installations.

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Patient Centricity

Continuous patient monitoring with wearable medical devices offers patients freedom of movement, increases patient safety and allows more personalized treatments based on comprehensive data.

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Reduce time-consuming measurements, errors and waiting times for appointments by automating the monitoring of vital signs. Devices can be managed remotely and data is monitored in real time.

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Our gateways are a robust solution to automatically capture data anywhere from any device. The ability to remotely monitor patients allows you to discharge them earlier and objectify outcomes.

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Data Sovereignty

Maintain complete sovereignty over your data with on-premise solutions and end-to-end encryption of data streams. You have full transparency on applied algorithms and data access rights.

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Open API

Avoid being locked-in by vendors. Our systems provide open interfaces to integrate with any 3rd party device, analytics tool, database or clinical information system with a documented API.

Implement continuous patient monitoring in your hospital, rehabilitation center or nursing home!


The number of wearable sensors to measure vital signs like heart rate or activity are increasing daily, generating a huge amount of sensitive data. The potential of automatically and continuously gathered health data to tackle challenges of patients, providers and payers is well recognized:

  • Increase efficiency for nursing staff and convenience for patients by replacing regular manual vital sign measurements and documentation at the patient’s bed with an automated solution.
  • Replace a few data points per day with continuous data for deeper insights and the potential to prevent adverse events based on Early Warning Scores.
  • Discharge patients earlier, manage chronic diseases and objectify outcomes due to the ability to seamlessly monitor patients from the hospital to their homes.
  • Rethink the healthcare system with decentralized models to increase patient access and engagement.

However, most commercially oriented wearable devices are part of an end-to-end ecosystem – complete with centralized cloud and proprietary analytics algorithms. Care providers need the tools to efficiently integrate and manage devices from multiple manufacturers in clinical workflows, while retaining full control and transparency regarding the gathered data and applied algorithms. Commercial end-to-end solutions with proprietary cloud and analytics platforms do not satisfy these requirements.

In collaboration with the University Hospital Basel, Leitwert developed the Device Hub to overcome such obstacles – a device and data management platform, which can be deployed on premise and provides open interfaces to directly integrate with 3rd party devices, analytics tools and clinical information systems.

System Overview.

Patient Settings

The combination of Device Hub and gateways allows you to automate the readout of wearable devices worn by patients in any location. In addition to using mobile phones as interfaces for patient communication, our software can turn them into mobile gateways.

In-patients are monitored seamlessly throughout stationary clinics. Gateways are either installed in fix locations or deployed flexibly where required. The Device Hub organizes the roaming between gateways. Care givers use application-specific user interfaces to assign devices to patients and to select the vital parameters to be monitored.

Out-patients in ambulatory- or aftercare wear their connected medical devices during their everyday life. A plug-and-play gateway at their home or a gateway application running on their mobile phone transfers the data periodically to the Device Hub, where it is available to care givers and analytics software.

For residents in nursing homes or assisted living settings a hybrid between the in- and out-patient setup provides an optimal combination of reliability and patient freedom. While gateway infrastructure at their home captures data automatically, an additional mobile application ensures that their care-givers can be notified, if they require help while on the move. Application-specific user interfaces enable care givers to assign devices to patients and select the vital signs to be monitored.

Leitwert solutions enable patient monitoring inside care facilities, at the patient's home and in assisted living situations

Device Hub

screenshot of health data visualization on the Device Hub

To systematically integrate connected wearable devices into your care workflows, you require an interface that is capable of managing the devices remotely, directing the generated data flows and complying with industry standards. Moreover, this interface needs to be open on all sides to integrate with existing IT systems and to ensure that you can choose the best available device or algorithm for the task.

The Device Hub was co-developed with practitioners to ensure it covers these requirements. It gives you full data sovereignty and open APIs, making you dependent on no one. Of course, the Leitwert engineers are still happy to competently support device and system integrations and to build custom user interfaces based on your requirements and workflows.

Monitor your device fleet, securely distribute software updates in collaboration with the device manufacturers, assign devices to patients, manage metadata and data access to improve care and efficiently collaborate in research projects.

The Device Hub maintains an immutable audit trail and provides configurable workflows to comply with application specific regulatory requirements like GCP, HIPAA, FDA 21 CFR Part11 or ISO 13485.

Data Flow

Many wearable devices share data via Bluetooth. Additionally, mobile network reception can vary greatly inside hospitals. In both cases, a gateway network inside the hospital is required.

Leitwert provides gateway software that can be deployed on existing router hardware or low-cost off-the-shelf hardware like a Raspberry Pi. That piece of software interacts seamlessly with the Device Hub to monitor gateway status, organize roaming and data gapping.

The Device Hub provides processing pipelines to analyze the incoming data in real-time, enrich it with metadata and feed dashboards.

From the Device Hub, the captured data is routed flexibly to available data bases. Access management for analytics software, care providers or researchers can be managed with the Device Hub or another system that might already be in place.

visualization how Leitwert solutions enable the seamless flow of health data from a wearable worn by the patient via gateways to the Device Hub, where data can be stored to any database and be analyzed with any algorithm

Development Partnership.

The Device Hub is a co-development with the CMIO Office at the University Hospital Basel. A productive system is running on premise at the hospital since 2018. It is being used for clinical studies to develop new applications for wearable medical devices for patient care and treatments.

The vision is to provide an end-to-end solution for the use of wearable devices for R&D and patient care all the way from the hospital to patient’s homes. It will enable the systematic integration of wearable devices in clinical workflows, such as continuous measurements of vital signs combined with early warning scores.

Together with mobile gateways, the system might allow discharging patients earlier by monitoring their vital signs remotely.

Our Offering.

screenshot of health data visualization on the Device Hub

Device Hub

Available as SaaS hosted in Switzerland or deployed on premise. Please contact us for server requirements and pricing.

Leitwert gateway software deployed on a Raspberry Pi Zero W to automatically capture health data from wearable devices


Available as software to be deployed on existing devices or as plug-and-play solution based on Raspberry Pi hardware. Please contact us for licensing costs.

the Leitwert exploration kit contains a Device Hub account, Bluetooth gateways, the Android gateway setup application and a selection of pre-configured devices

Exploration Kit

Kick-start your digital transformation journey by renting or buying our plug-and-play technology bundle. It is optimally suited for Proof of Concepts and includes an account on our hosted Device Hub, gateways, the gateway setup app and a selection of wearables. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Leitwert services support you all the way from device selection and benchmarking to system implementation and technical support


Leitwert engineers will support you competently all along your digital transformation. Our team operates from Zurich, Switzerland, and has extensive experience with wearable devices and customized software tools tailored to fit your workflows.

Contact us for more information about continuous patient monitoring!