COVID-19 Vital Sign Dashboard (Beta)

Automatically record relevant vital signs like Respiratory Rate, SpO2 and Heart Rate measured by wearable medical devices for a complete ward. The ward overview dashboard provides this information at a glance to healthcare professionals, thereby increasing their ability to detect deteriorating patients early and supporting them in caring for an increased number of patients.

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Supporting Care Providers.

The global COVID-19 outbreak creates tremendous pressure on healthcare facilities. Hospitals need to find ways to accommodate for increasing numbers of patients requiring intensive care with limited ICU capacity and healthcare professionals working at their limit.

Leitwert and the University Hospital Basel – our development partner – decided to collaborate on leveraging our Device Hub solution to support healthcare professionals during this challenge. We are adding a dashboard to the Device Hub, which gives medical staff an overview on relevant vital sign parameters of hospitalized COVID-19 patients for a complete ward. Critical vital signs like Respiratory Rate, SpO2 and Heart Rate are being measured automatically and continuously by medical wearables worn by the patients and streamed to the dashboard via fix installed Gateways.

This setup provides nursing staff in real-time with additional information to detect deteriorating patients early. Due to the high level of automation, the solution remains viable with increasing numbers of patients, providing an additional level of security under scarce resources.

We are implementing a beta release, which allows medical staff to define thresholds for specific vital signs and receive visual notifications once these thresholds are reached. The dashboard is not yet validated as a medical device. We are currently working on the approval via expedited procedure. Once the system has been approved as medical device, we will offer it to other interested hospitals.

How it Works.

Automatically Record Vital Signs

The system consists of medical grade wearables provided by 3rd parties, which we integrate with the Gateways and the Device Hub to automatically and continuously store the measured vital signs on a database.

We can integrate any 3rd party medical wearable with an open and documented API. If you decide to work with wearable device companies we already collaborate with, it will speed up the process.

The Gateways are low cost single board computers, which are fix installed in the patient rooms to automatically capture the data measured by the wearables via Bluetooth and send it to the Device Hub via the hospital’s Wi-Fi network.

The Device Hub is a server application, which can be deployed on premise at the hospital or on a cloud server. It provides the functionality to manage the data streams of the wearable devices, store them in a data base and manage user access rights.

visualization how Leitwert solutions enable the seamless flow of health data from a wearable worn by the patient via gateways to the Device Hub, where data can be stored to any database and be analyzed with any algorithm

Ward Overview Dashboard

The Ward Overview Dashboard requests the vital sign data from the Device Hub for all active wearables in a hospital ward. This data is displayed in tiles as an overview to medical staff.

The information includes the time of the last measurement transmitted by the wearable device. If the time gap to the last transmitted update crosses a definable threshold, the medical staff is notified visually that the data is outdated.

Nursing staff can define, which medical wearables are currently active and assign the related patient ID. Moreover, each wearable device is assigned to a specific Gateway in a certain location, which is also displayed on the dashboard. So the medical staff not only sees with one glimpse how the patients are doing but also where they are.

Detail View

Medical staff can display the longitudinal data for each wearable device by clicking on the corresponding tile.

The dashboard then displays the recorded vital signs over a specific time period, which gives medical staff an immediate overview on how the values have developed.

We are currently working on a beta version, which will allow medical staff to define thresholds and get visual notifications once this threshold is reached.

screenshot of health data visualization on the Device Hub

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