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Let more patients benefit from your wearable innovation. We integrate your wearable medical devices into hospitals for continuous patient monitoring to increase patient safety, improve patient experience and optimize clinical processes. Let’s develop an awesome use case together!



As a device partner, we will recommend your device in our projects, which increases your visibility, provides an additional sales channel and may result in great use cases, which we can replicate with multiple customers.

Lower Barrier

The Device Hub allows hospitals, researchers and digital health platforms to efficiently integrate and manage devices from multiple manufacturers. By integrating with us, you lower the barrier for potential customers to deploy your device in their processes and businesses.


Validate Use Cases

Gain access to our Device Hub customers to develop, validate and implement clinical use cases based on your device. The Device Hub fulfills all requirements to collect data in medical validation trials. Moreover, we provide the required infrastructure to capture data from your device inside of clinics and at patient's homes.

Your device is still under development? Check out how we can accelerate this process.

How to Get on Board.

number one

Make sure we are aligned

You want to deploy your medical wearable in hospitals and clinical trials? We want that, too! Let us discuss how to collaborate and what is required to combine our offerings.

number two

Check the technical feasibility

Clarify interfaces and evaluate the compatibility of your device with the Device Hub. We require at least a documented API and protocol or a documented library for the server-side integration.

number three

Let's go

Welcome, partner! We're looking forward to implementing awesome use-cases with you and transform the healthcare ecosystem together.

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