ConceRTOS is a modern development framework for embedded systems. It consists of a hard real-time operating system (RTOS) including libraries, an OS Abstraction Layer (OSAL) and a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) to provide maximum flexibility and accelerate application development.

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Modularity, OS- and hardware abstraction layers and dependency injection combine to provide great flexibility and continuity in your development.

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Develop your prototype based on our pre-tested libraries and flexible framework to reduce time to market and required iterations.

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Low Power

Energy efficient by design - it is not just an afterthought. Every aspect is optimized for low power usage and optimally suited for wearables and other battery-powered applications.

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The framework is being implemented in medical devices. We know the required documentation effort and are comfortable working within your existing Quality Management System.

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The framework includes libraries for secure Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA) updates. Profit from our expertise to implement automatic rollbacks and sophisticated encryption.

You want firmware, not a framework?

How It Works.

Modular Embedded Development Framework

ConceRTOS consists of a hard-real time operating system, an OS Abstraction Layer (OSAL) and a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL). The OSAL and the HAL decouples the application logic from the hardware and from the actual OS implementation, giving you maximum flexibility and freedom to change specific system components.

ConceRTOS is deployed in a wide range of products ranging from wearables, therapeutic and medical devices to industry applications like process monitoring in pharma production lines or controllers for smart home applications, illumination and ultra-low power sensor nodes.

conceptual visualization of the Leitwert embedded framework providing freedom to the developer based on abstraction layers for hardware and operating systems

ConceRTOS Microkernel (MK)

conceptual visualization of how the Leitwert embedded framework enables the abstraction of operating systems

The OSAL abstracts the implementation of building blocks of embedded operating systems (Executor, Memory Manager, SPI, etc.). When developing with ConceRTOS OSAL, developers are not bound to use any specific OS. It is possible to implement some or all the functionality (e.g. Memory Manager) from scratch (“bare metal”). Additionally, one can use implementations of an RTOS or use a combination of both: custom code and off-the-shelf modules. It is also possible to use an operating system like Linux. This allows to run and debug code directly on the host machine, which increases efficiency of the development process.

ConceRTOS MK is a ConceRTOS OSAL compatible RTOS implementation. With its modular architecture, it was uncompromisingly designed for ultra-low-power applications like wearables or IoT devices. It allows the developers to only include what is really needed resulting in lean and lightweight code.

Ecosystem components facilitate seamless integration with existing applications (e.g. Android, iOS, Python, Servers, ERP-systems). The ConceRTOS Microkernel is designed for safety-critical applications. Preemptive scheduling and advanced memory management guarantee deterministic limits for event handling.

Dependency Injection

ConceRTOS OSAL compatible implementations can be integrated into the application using dependency injection.

The modularity and the OSAL of ConceRTOS enables fast prototyping without the loss of this investment in a first development cycle. Early and simple versions of modules can easily be replaced at a later stage by injecting a more sophisticated version.

conceptual visualization of how the Leitwert embedded framework injects dependencies

ConceRTOS Libraries.

ConceRTOS Microkernel.

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